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David R. 11/25/2012

There's not a better breakfast joint in Boca Raton....and maybe...quite possibly....all of South Florida. This is the real deal. From the venue/location, physical plant (design/aesthetic), menu (could it possibly be any larger?!?!?!), servers and - oh yes - the food. It's simply the best. You might balk and think that it's pricey. It's not inexpensive by any stretch. You want that - go to Dunkin Donuts. But when you consider the value (portions to price)'ll "get it". A fabulous hang...I like going very VERY early when no one is there (which is all bu 10 minutes). Have fun. Eat up.


Katie L. 11/19/2012

Oh baby, those biscuits and gravy are deliciousssssssssssss. BF got the country fried steak and loved it. The potatoes are incredible. The steak was crunchy and not greasy at all. My omelette was fantastic. Perfectly cooked and the grits were on point. Our server was very nice and attentive. The coffee is great. Come here early or you will be waiting, no doubt about that. We will be back!


Laura H. 03/28/2012

Nom nom nom! Deliciousness abounds at Tom Sawyer! There was a 20 minute wait at 11:30 on a Sunday morning, but once we ordered, the food came in less time than the wait for the table! Croissant French Toast was huge and delish, much like regular French toast, but a little crispier throughout. The four slices of bacon that it came with were more like seven...and let's face it: more bacon = more happiness*! (*I'm sure this is not standard procedure.) The biscuits were enormous, fluffy and wonderful pillows of yum. Pancakes were tasty, too! Coffee was average, but not bad. Service was swift and friendly! They have a bunch of lovely bakery items for sale by the register....but don't wait too long, or all of the black & white cookies will be gone. :( Go and enjoy!  


Paul K. 03/12/2012

I ate at Tom Sawyer restaurant this morning with my three boys M1(15 Years Old), M2(13 y/o) and A(9 y/o). This was the first weekend with the boys since my soon-to-be X kicked me out. We had to leave our Tibetan Terrier K home because there is no outside seating. Tom Sawyer is an institution in Boca Raton and does not have any other locations. We arrived at 11:00 a.m. on a Sunday and only waited about 15 minutes. The ambiance fits the Tom sawyer name. Every inch of the interior of the restaurant is finished in wood. The menu is focused solely on Breakfast. I had the Vegetable omelet with Cheese, home fries, a shore stack of pancakes. It was excellent. M1 had plain pancakes, M2 had scrambled eggs, bacon, and a short stack of pancakes, and A had chocolate chip pancakes. All of us loved our meals. Ask for Kim. She was an excellent server, kept our table maintained and was very responsive. This is only my second five star rating and the best breakfast place I've been to in memory.  


Jill L. 02/28/2012

Tom Sawyer is one of the best breakfast places around. I have been going there for years, a few times a month. The staff is always helpful and prompt with bringing whatever you might need. When it comes to comfort food, Tom Sawyer is the only choice. I have been to other places that are very stingy with the eggs,bacon and other meats, as if they measured out the minimal amount, and at times the plate looks bare before I even start eating! At Tom Sawyer, you can enjoy generous portions. The breakfast skillets are awesome and the Country Deal is a good, hearty meal for anyone! Love love love this place!  


Andrea M. 02/21/2012

OMG!!!!!!! Great place, great food, great staff! We were a party of 7 and we ALL loved our food and tried each others food and all liked each others food as well. Over all French toast croissant awesome, breakfast in a pot awesome, crab Benedict awesome, listen everything was awesome!!!!!!!!!  


Joe M.  02/10/2012

Probably more like 3 1/2 stars. Although this is located in Boca it ain't Mizner. On 2d Ave which is a mish mash of warehouses,C grade offices, strip centers, etc. I was a bit taken a back by the prices (around $7 -$9 for sandwiches with chips only) but ended up being a positive experience. My chicken salad sandwich was terrific. Overstuffed with large chunks of white meat chicken and very little mayo. Very fast and efficient service. Other diners rated it a 4. Will go back if in the area.  


Sarah T. 01/29/2012

This place is derishus. I just wish it was open later! The food is tasty (my favorite so far are the french toast sticks, which are more like logs!) and the prices are reasonable. AND they take credit cards! they also bake a lot of their own pastries. nom nom nom.  


Claudia M. 01/12/2012

Fast service. Small out of the way the locals frequent. Really good food. Good prices.  


Mellissa B. 12/16/2011

Once again Yelp comes through. It's such a good thing to be able to trust our collective reviews. I had just arrived from the airport, it was early in the morning I was starved, tired and really not in the mood to play russian roulette with my stomach. Tom Sawyer's breakfast hit the spot. Not greasy, fantastic grits, a good value and heaven sent biscuits. Yum! Thank you Yelp! Thank you Tom Sawyer!  


Remond C. 09/26/2011

Always great always yummy everything is killer you will enjoy it i am sure of it .


Claudia M. 01/12/2011

Fast service. Small out of the way the locals frequent. Really good food. Good prices.  


James M.12/21/2011

French toast, eggs, bacon, all the breakfast foods are good here. I was always a fan of Perkins back home but this place ranks up there. I guess it is more of a Mom and Pop kinda place which is cute. I would certainly recommend it but I feel like there is maybe a better place out there if I keep looking.


Elisabeth G. 08/04/2011

Great service and delicious food! I love Yelp when being on vacation in a area you're not familiar with. Right when you walk in, it feels like you stepped into the back woods of the North West. We got seated right away, and our food was served which seemed like a few minutes. Their "Eggs Benedict" ROCKS!!! Also, I think the owner of this restaurant is French (I've been to France, and I liked his accent)- who would have known?! (: Nice guy!


Bill S. 07/27/2011 

This is usually a "locals only" breakfast place and I have been coming here for years, thus I am a fan. The breakfast is very good and very filling. The prices are fair and and the service is always friendly. The only issue is a small parking lot, but usually not a problem. Sure the decor is old, dark, brown, and boring, but if that is what you want, then go to First Watch. Otherwise, this is where most non-tourists go for an excellent breakfast in Boca Raton. 


Jason P. 12/10/2011

very good breakfast place. grits were the bomb! never had grits made this way before. Would come back fo sho!!  


G.B  04/03/2011

Great casual place for breakfast and lunch. Big portions for a small price. Hidden away from the tourists and hoity toity crowd.


Dani N 02/17/2011

I had never heard of this restaurant until recently, and I am definitely happy to have discovered it. The portions are huge and prices are reasonable. The croissant french toast is outstanding. Everything was delicious and the staff was very friendly and efficien.


Rachel M. 01/31/2011

I've been to this lovely hidden gem a few times with some co-workers and friends... I like that it is a cozy, little spot for great breakfast or lunch... I have yet to eat anything here that has not left me with a smile on my face. The comforting atmosphere it has is the perfect escape during a busy day and need a quick recharge! The servers are pretty good and the decor is nice, everything ties in with the cabin feel..


Dahlia D. 01/30/2011

Nice little hole in the wall breakfast joint. Quaint atmosphere.


Kati B. 01/22/2011

Seriously the best kept secret in boca!


Kane M.  11/07/2010

Great to support a local restaurant. The wait wasn't too bad and the food was good. French toast croissant was certainly different and quite large! I will certainly go again.


NICOLE P. 09/25/2010-

I've been stopping in to this little eatery for the last 23 years, but I've only eaten breakfast here. They serve great comfort food- biscuits & gravy and the like. Always filling and delicious. Every time I stop in, I want to go on vacation and stay in a cabin!


AUSTELL, GA 09/07/2010-

BEST country breakfast in south Florida. HUGE portions so be mindful when ordering. service is very good too.


Best Sunday Brunch 2010 ( NEW TIMES) .

Want breakfast like Grandma used to make? Hit this popular Sunday brunch spot for some delicious, artery-clogging, syrup-soaked food served on plates, in skillets, or even in pots — all for about $9 or less. Tom Sawyer takes the ordinary breakfast ensembles and re-creates them, like the decadent croissant French toast. If you're up for consuming even more after breakfast, try the chocolate cigars, which look like giant rolls of happiness with chocolate wrapped inside a doughy pastry and covered in powdered


LLENE B. 5/14/2010- Heavy, heavy, heavy but so good. I had a biscuit with sausage gravy. I am salivating just thinking about it. Kind of a rare find if you can get past the nagging sense of guilt.


SABRINA S 04/20/2010 - Tom Sawyer has been around since my family started vacationing in Hillsboro Beach when I was a kid. Now it's where Allison and I go to eat breakfast in our 'hot mess' sweats and sunglasses after a late night. Just kidding. Not really though... The dingy interior and dining booths make it the perfect hideout for a hangover brunch of good, old-fashioned, homestyle American cooking. Food is not spectacular, but it does the job. Waitresses are rough around the edges, but they're nice ladies and they'll keep those coffee refills coming.  

Fred H  February 16, 2010 - Likes it - Great food! Every time I come to town from Alachua I have to stop in for breakfast. Service is great, best waitress is Martha.


Judy Davis-Wilson February 03, 2010 - Likes it - 4 star breakfast gem!


Seth T. December 07, 2009 - Likes it - MAN, does Boca need a place like this!!! I ate here for the first time on a Sunday morning. My dining partner/friend explained this place as disgustingly fantastic. Im more of a savory kind-a-guy but i ordered the 1/2 french toast, eggs, meats plate. MAN, is their french toast AWESOME! My date had the chicken-fried steak and immediately cut half of it for me. I dont know which was better: her gesture or the ckicken-fried steak itself!?!? Damn it was good! The staff was really nice and efficient. I cannot wait to go back!


Mitchell W. Boca Raton, FL 1/25/2010 - Whenever I'm in the mood for some home style breakfast I take a drive to Tom Sawyers. They have all the essential for a great breakfast at a very affordable price. The french toast sticks are by far my favorite item on the menu. I recommend also ordering some of their fresh orange juice, especially on mornings when your not at 100%. Tom Sawyer's has breakfast skillets if your willing to eat a very heavy breakfast. I recommend sharing this because I always take home leftovers, but that's never a problem. Never had one of their pastries but they look delicious. Service is solid and you would never guess how quaint this place is from the outside.


Anonymous August 13, 2009 - Likes it - I cant say enough good things about this great breakfast place! All I can say is the tom sawyer special is delicious and the eggs are so good. Always get good service here! A+ James April 03, 2009 - Good place to eat bfast. Had the "pot" with three meat omlet. A little over the top. But biscuts were good and gravy tasty. Family friendly, good value Epi February 14, 2009 - Likes it - The place to go for guilty pleasures of biscuits, gravy and grits. Huge skillet omelets and anticipatory service make this breakfast tradition a bargain. Surprisingly young crowd.


Epi February 14, 2009 - Likes it - The place to go for guilty pleasures of biscuits, gravy and grits. Huge skillet omelets and anticipatory service make this breakfast tradition a bargain. Surprisingly young crowd.

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